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Kyrsten Constance Dugas

Kyrsten is now 2 and a half months old and time is just flying by. She is such a sweetie pie. Smiling at us when we talk to her. She has the most beautiful twinkle in her eye. Her skin is so soft and clear, I know she is the healthiest baby. 

We are using cloth diapers and I absolutely love them! They have been great and since we have around 30 of them we wash them every 3rd day which is perfect!

My diet right now excludes brocoli, cauliflower, garlic, oranges, strawberries, chocolate, coffee (which I dont drink anyway) …any thing that will give her bad gas. I had it when she gets gas pains. I hope at 3 months she is able to pass gas normally. I guess babies arent fully developed inside so gassy foods hurt them more then they annoy us!

This sweet child is our third kid. So that means new vehicles and soon, in a year, a new home. It’s all good! I am getting a Mazda 5 :) It has 6 seats so it should be perfect for our family of 5 + dog!

Kyrsten is one hungry monkey. She eats every 2 hours when she is awake and then sleeps and sleeps. She must be going through a grow spurt! She wakes up twice at night which isnt bad at all. She has almost outgrown her craddle that my Opa made. 

She is so aware. Everyone that sees her says so!

31 weeks along…

This pregnancy has been a roller coaster, from trying to conceive for almost a year to finally getting pregnant and then having crazy hormones and craving the weirdest food. But all of it is a blessing and I have to look at the bigger picture. I am so grateful for the things I have and for the things I will have in my future. 

 I am in my 7th month of this pregnancy and I’m so heavy! Our sweet baby only weighs 3 lbs! Seth and Chloe both weighed 7 lbs so im guessing this baby will too. So Beaumont/Kierstan still has 4 more lbs to gain! How! In two months? So crazy! The babies development blows my mind. 

See in this picture! ROUND! haha

I had to go buy all long Large t-shirts cuz all my shirts were getting too short! I got a really nice coat too. I’ve been knitting nonstop! I’m knitting a white baby blanket that is so soft! Feels like marshmallows mixed with clouds, it’s that soft! 

The kids are getting super excited. They both want the baby to be a girl. Chloe thinks it’s a girl 100% and wants to be me $100 that is one. I hope she isn’t disappointed too much if it’s a boy. All those Chinese horoscopes say I’m having a boy. The baby moves around a lot. Stretching, kicking, break dancing, hurting my ribs, pushing, hiccuping, and probably listening to all the weird noises coming from the outside world. Lol like Tod singing “HEY NOW! HEY NOW! MY BOYFRIENDS BACK!” this morning. 

My plan is to have an in home birth. I know that just sounds weird, like who does that? Ppl from the 1800’s? I was planning on giving birth to this baby in the hospital but then I remembered how much I disliked my hospital experience with Seth. I got this amazing healthy pregnancy book that talked about in home birthing. It said “Always use a midwife for the in home delivery.” My doctor said he wasn’t going to be delivering anymore babies that we being born past Dec of 2012. So I had no idea what I was going to do. Then my friend who is also pregnant said she got a midwife and she was amazing. So I contacted her midwife and she said she would have me. Then I got this book and it said that a midwife should deliver my baby. Just thinking about how we tried and tried to conceive  and I thought there was something wrong with us. But really it was God post-poning our delivery so I could have a midwife and not my Dr. 

The book also explains how wonderful it is to lay there in your bed with your new born bundle of joy, with your family there and just being together in your own home, not having the baby passed around a hospital, getting god knows what done to it. We said No to the vitamin K shot and the antibiotic eye cream at birth. I had no idea that they did that in the hospital and they don’t tell you. Our midwife told us about it and let us decide on everything with no pressure. It’s so nice to have her guidance. 

I wrote out my birth plan too. I realized that since my placenta was low laying in my last ultra sound that I might have to get a C-section if it doesn’t move, at 38 weeks. My next ultrasound is at the end of Jan so hopefully it has moved and we can go along with my in home birth plan. But if not, then it’s okay too. As long as we are all healthy that’s all that matters to us. (This was a bit of a scare when I first found out I might have to get a c-section)

I’m off work now. On maternity leave. At home with the kids on Christmas break. They go back to work on Monday. I will miss them. Being alone in this house doesn’t sound like fun. Thankfully Tod isn’t too busy with work right now so I will have his company :) I am going to knit lots, make frozen dinners for when the baby comes, read, paint, draw and make a photo wall in our dinning room with all different sized picture frames. My brain is just GO GO GO with ideas!

After the baby is born I hope I get back into running. I haven’t been working out, Zumba, at all. Just taking Mugsy, our shihtzu, for walks. I start prenatal yoga again soon so that will be nice. Once a week. Maybe try to do some low impact Zumba too. Everything will work out for the best. 

Take Care-